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Fulfilling Our Commitment: Making a Positive Impact Through Your Purchases in November

by Aliaksandr Parmon 17 Dec 2023 0 Comments

Dear FlaxLin Eco Textiles Community,

As we wrap up the month of November, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to every one of you who contributed to our commitment to making a positive impact through charitable donations. We are thrilled to share the incredible outcomes of your support and the difference you've made in the world.

FlaxLin Eco Textiles pledged to donate 1% of each purchase to charity. Partnering with allowed you, our valued customers, to choose the cause closest to your heart at checkout. We are pleased to announce that, thanks to your generosity, we were able to support two remarkable organizations: One Tree Planted and the Belarusian Council for Culture.

One Tree Planted: Restoring Europe's Woodlands

Why We Chose One Tree Planted

Europe's rich history is intertwined with its woodlands, from the Black Forest of Brother's Grimm lore to the historic Leiria Pine Forest. Unfortunately, over the last 6,000 years, more than half of Europe's forests have been lost. In response to this environmental crisis, One Tree Planted focuses on re-establishing woodland, improving water and soil quality, and creating habitat for wildlife in historically forested areas.

How Your Contributions Made a Difference

Your support helped One Tree Planted achieve the following goals:

  1. Restoration of Native, Historic Woodlands: Replanting trees to bring back native, historic woodlands.
  2. Increased Habitat Connectivity: Creating pathways for wildlife to thrive and promoting biodiversity.
  3. Community Engagement: Involving local communities in restoration efforts and providing environmental education.

The Impact of Reforestation

As Europe faces increasing challenges from climate change, such as record-high temperatures, forest fires, and flooding, your contributions are more critical than ever. Reforestation efforts not only enhance climate change resilience but also improve public access to green spaces, habitat connectivity, and soil stability.

What We Planted

Your donations supported the planting of diverse tree species, carefully selected to suit the specific region, climate, and purpose of each planting. Species such as alder, oak, ash, fir, pine, spruce, and larch were chosen to have a positive impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

Belarusian Council for Culture: Empowering Cultural Initiatives

The Belarusian Council for Culture is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to supporting independent cultural initiatives and uniting cultural actors, even in the face of potential repressions. Your contributions helped sustain the infrastructure of free Belarusian culture, enabling cultural actors to express their civic positions openly.

Thank You for Being the Change

Your support has made a tangible difference in the world. Together, we've contributed to environmental conservation in Europe and empowered cultural initiatives in Belarus. We extend our deepest gratitude for choosing FlaxLin Eco Textiles and being a part of our commitment to positive change.

As we continue this journey, we look forward to more opportunities to make a lasting impact together. Thank you for being the driving force behind our commitment to a better, more sustainable future.

Warm regards,

The FlaxLin Eco Textiles Team